Cold Weather Camping Tips

For parents who aren’t accomplished cold weather campers, the idea of sleeping in a tent in weather below 40 degrees can seem daunting.  Scouts, however, have been doing it and staying healthy at the same time for years.  How?  By exercising our motto, “Be Prepared.”  Here’s a few tips so you can ask your Scout the right questions, to see how prepared he or she is.

  • Layered clothing.  Three layers of lighter-weight clothing will keep you warmer than one layer of heavier-weight clothing.  And, as Scouts get active, they can remove one layer at a time, staying warm enough without sweating to death.
  • Stocking hat to sleep in.  We lose a vast majority of our body heat through our head.  Keep it warm, and the rest will stay warmer too, especially if you have…
  • Clean sock to sleep in.  Change those socks as you go to bed.  Dry feet are happy feet.  The rest of your body will stay warmer to.
  • Leave the sneakers at home.  Shoes for cold-weather camping don’t draw or hold moisture.  They repel it.  Boots, good hiking boots if you have them, do the job.
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