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Camp Chief Little Turtle – Join the Adventure!

Cub Scouts at Camp Chief Little Turtle invest three or four days in July or August at the 1,200 acre Anthony Wayne Scout Reservation.   From Means Canoe Base to Woodland Chapel to the giant Amphitheater overlooking Pit Lake, here you’ll find the traditional summer Scout camp featuring ecology, conservation, Scoutcraft, and more, updated with all the modern activities you expect.  Archery and B.B. guns, waterfront activities, and field events round out what both leaders and Scouts agree is a first-rate experience.


Lake swimming in crystal clear Pit Lake, boating, rope swing, and fishing.


Full service trading post with snacks, refreshments, and general merchandise.


Ecology, Conservation, and Technology Center.

Outdoor Skills

Geocaching, Scout skills, cycling, disc golf, and field sports.

Shooting Sports

B.B. Guns and Archery at a fully-developed range.

Western Camp

Western camp, including native American tee pees, wagons, and a large fort.

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Pricing & Payments

Pricing and Payment


Type of Attendee “Early Bird” price. Regular Price
Adult (full week) $65 $75
Adult (by the day) not available $20
Den Chief $65 $75
Scout $135.  These Scouts get a free hat. $150

How to qualify for Early Bird price:

Get the “Early Bird” price for Scouts by doing ALL of the following:

  1. paying the $50 Early Bird Deposit for each Scout by March 5.
  2. make the final payment AND turn in the name of the “Early Bird” Scouts by June 4.

Get the “Early Bird” price for adults by paying for them AND turning in their names by June 4.  There is no deposit for adults.

Money without names does not qualify you for the Early Bird price.


Action Date Amount of money What did I just do?
Unit Registration
First action – before June 4. $100 per troop Committed your troop to attend
Camp Chief Little Turtle.
“Early Bird” Deposit before March 5. $50 per Scout If you pay your final payment by June 4,
these Scouts will pay $150 for camp, rather
than $135.  At this point, this is just a number
of Scouts.  There are no names attached yet.
Final Payment before June 4. remainder of balance. Specific individuals, adults and Scouts, are now
committed to attending Camp Chief Little Turtle.
You’ll find your $50 Early Bird Deposits and your
$100 Unit Registration Deposit reflected in your
Final Payment Spreadsheet which will be e-mailed
to your unit’s Summer Camp Contact.


Discount Explanation
Brother Discount ONLY APPLIES TO ANTHONY WAYNE AREA COUNCIL SCOUTS.  The first Scout pays the full fee.  Additional brothers will receive a $25 discount each.  This discount can be applied across sessions, and across Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts.  Example:  a family has a Boy Scout and a Cub Scout.  The Boy Scout pays the full fee.  The Cub Scout receives a $25 discount.  Request form must be filed.  Get the form here.
Workership AVAILABLE TO ANTHONY WAYNE AREA COUNCIL SCOUTS ONLY.  Workerships are awarded to Scouts needing financial assistance.  Applications are due no later than April 2, 2018.  This includes Boy Scout and Cub/Webelos Scouts.  Applications will be reviewed by the Council Camping Committee and units and families will be notified prior to payment deadlines.  Find the form here.