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Online Membership Applications

Information for Unit Leaders, Committee Chairs and COR’s

What you need to know

The online registration system allows families to register and pay for their child  as a member of your unit.  (This system is available for Youth applications only).  The system depends on accurate information in your my.scouting account and your unit’s beascout pin.  You can manage online registrations directly from your my.scouting account.  One feature is a specific URL and QR code for your unit.  These are available to you on my.scouting.  You will receive e-mail notification of new applications or inquiries.  You have the final say on each youth application. (No youth can join without approval of Unit Leader or CC or COR)  The system will only charge the pro-rated National Membership fee.  (You can note your unit’s additional fees on the application site)

What you need to do

  • Create or update your account.
  • Create or update your unit’s beascout pin.
  • Watch for e-mailed notification of applications or leads.

Follow up on leads and new applications.  The application is not accepted or processed until one of the Unit Key 3 presses the “accept” button.  New Leads are families seeking more information about Scouting and your unit.  They deserve the courtesy of a timely response to their questions…and they are potential new members, perhaps leaders for your unit.


A complete step by step Guidebook for Online Registration is available at: